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Our Projects

Kerry in Hull wanted a charge point that stands out for their new Audi e-tron so we installed them the Hypervolt with a colour changing light effect and integrated it with Alexa.
Malcolm in York wanted to get the very best from his solar photovoltaic system and battery storage. We set his install up so that the solar charges the battery through the day and the battery tops the car up throughout the night. He was really pleased with the installation.
Dr P in Doncaster asked us to install the pod-point EV charger on her garage. She was really pleased with the installation.
Damien in Hessle asked us to install him a Myenergi Zappi for his new electric vehicle. We installed the Myenergi Hub to give him access to the charger remotely.
Walker modular asked us to install seven electric vehicle charge points for the company fleet of electric vehicles. We installed six socketed Myenergi Zappi units on the factory wall and one on a pedestal.
David in Barnsley wanted a charger that is small on the outside but big on the inside. We installed them this 7KW ohme complete with PEN fault detection.
Margery wanted to get the very best out of her solar photovoltaic system, we installed a Myenergi Zappi socketed unit and set this up to send any surplus energy to the car... Charging on sunshine.
Richard in York wanted a small charge point so we installed this Ohme intelligent smart charger. He took advantage of its intelligent smart feature by detecting those cheap octopus energy tariffs.
Matthew in Beverley wanted a charge point installing inside his garage. We installed this Myenergi Zappi tethered unit. We also set up the smart scheduling so that he’s only charging at times when the electricity is cheaper.
Gary in Lincoln wanted a small charger that would fit on the brick pillar beside his garage door. We installed the 7KW ohme to keep his Tesla charged.
Russell in York was delighted with the installation of this Myenergi Zappi, we contacted his local DNO to get his supply to the property upgraded, we then took care of the installation and grant paperwork for him.
Kondor asked us to install them an electric vehicle charge point so we installed the 22KW 3 phase Myenergi Zappi. We set the load limiting device on the unit to avoid blowing the main supply fuse at the premises. We also took care of the workplace charging grant for them.